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10 August 23

August Town Hall

with AG Alan Wilson

Newberry SC GOP sponsored an evening with Attorney General Alan Wilson on Thursday, August 10th in Prosperity. The night began with a private roundtable fundraising dinner for 24 members of the community. A delicious dinner was provided by Smokin Buttz and BBQ and a variety of topics were discussed. Later on, over 50 people gathered in the auditorium where topics such as judicial reform, election integrity and the Murdoch trial were covered. After Chairman Alan Jenkins welcomed all, including elected officials, Chad Connelly opened in prayer and Travis Grimsley sang the National anthem. AG Wilson likened the growth grab for power in government to the movie “The Blob.” 234 years ago the Federal government was given limited powers, but today it is ever encroaching on state’s rights. He reiterated that a good test for new laws should include questions pertaining to whether it is responsible, predictable and accountable to the populace. The byproduct of the law should be profitable and provide stability. Our three distinct branches of government were created in order to have checks and balances on one another. Today, the waters of this system are being muddied as judges cannot be held accountable for the most part. AG Wilson laid out a plan to restructure the way our Judicial Merit Selection Committee can be adapted to better serve the people of South Carolina. We are only 1 of 2 states in the country to select our judges in this particular manner. Thanks to the leadership team of the Newberry SC GOP for a wonderful evening. Join us next Thursday night, Aug 17th, at the Civic Center in Prosperity for a Roundtable discussion with three members of the Newberry County School Board.

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