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April 2022 - Chairman's Corner


April 2022

March was an exciting month. We had the chance to see President Donald Trump in Florence on March 12.

It was cold, windy, and rainy but the people didn’t care. They waited for hours. The crowd was huge. He spoke for an hour.

The song that was playing as he left the stage was “Hold On, I’, coming”


Our Morning GOP met on March 14. We had 24 people. Our speaker was Sheriff Lee Foster. He soke about all the scams being used today and told how to avoid becoming a victim. So many things sound “legit” and it’s hard to tell. Always call the Sheriff’s office if you suspect something.

Filing has started. We currently have three filed for House seat 40. Rep. Rick Martin, Tammy Johns and Joe White. Our Senator Cromer filed. On the Federal level Sen. Tim Scott filed.

Filing continues until noon on March 30.


Our Evening meeting was quite interesting. Our speaker Cong. Joe Wilson was held up in Washington DC due to a vote. We let him slide because he is doing what we sent him to do. Having said that, this meeting was on of the most fun we’ve had.

Our Elected officials present were Mary Arrowood and Nick Shealy from County Council. Coroner Laura Kneece was there. We heard from our Sen. Ronnie Cromer. We, then, asked those who had filed to run to speak. We heard from Tammy Johns and Joe White who filed for the House seat. We then heard from Rep. Rick Martin who has filed for the seat.

The process is interesting when, so any people are involved. Charm encouraged everyone to talk to people who seem discontent with our Party to come, join with us and help make a difference instead of just complaining.

Our speaker next month will be Brenda Fulmer who is a Commissioner with the Board of Elections in Newberry. She will explain the process of poll working. We need more Republicans in the polling places to watch the ballot box.


Talking Points

Biden’s foreign energy dependence causes pain at the pump:

· Americans are suffering from record high gas prices as a result of Joe Biden’s destructive energy policies and weak foreign policies.

· Joe Biden crushed the energy independence we achieved under President Trump and now, we are all (literally) paying the price.

· Last year, Biden’s anti-American energy agenda cost the average American family over $1,000 while 20 percent of Americans reported struggling to pay their energy bill.

o Now, U.S. gas prices have reached their highest level ever recorded.

· Under Biden, 33 states have hit new record high gas prices, and in 40 states, Americans are paying average prices above $4 per gallon.

o U.S. gas prices rose 61 cents in one week, making this the largest 7 day rise in history.

o 2 years ago under Trump, the average price of gas was $2.40.

o The AAA’s national gas average reached $3.83/gal for regular grade fuel. In California, the state average has reached a new record of $5.07/gal.

· When asked about record high gas prices, Biden absurdly claimed that he “can’t do much right now ” about it.

o Biden has refused to expand domestic energy production, which caused gas prices to skyrocket even before Russia invaded Ukraine.

o 70 percent of likely voters “favor increased U.S. oil and gas production.”

· Biden isn’t against more oil production, he is just opposed to American oil production. He hasn’t even called American producers to ask them to produce more energy.

o Biden dragged his feet on sanctioning Russian energy, the heart of Putin’s cash-flow .

o The administration has conceded an Iran deal would likely include Iranian oil.

· On Day One in office, Joe Biden waged a war on energy independence.

o Stopping construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline crushed over 11,000 domestic jobs – many of them union jobs.

o Biden issued a moratorium on new oil and gas permits on federal lands.

o Biden essentially gave Putin the green light for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, gifting the Russians a huge geopolitical win.

o He then opposed, and actively lobbied against, sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, calling them “counterproductive.” Now, he is trying to claim credit for re-instating them.

o We rejoined the disastrous Paris Climate Agreement which economists estimate could cost millions of jobs over the next decade.

Meet Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson: A Rubberstamp For Biden’s Agenda

· Biden nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, a Democrat partisan who will put far-left special interests ahead of defending the liberties of Americans, to the Supreme Court.

· Jackson would be the left-wing activist judge that Biden has repeatedly promised he would nominate and who would be a rubberstamp for his far-left policies.

· NBC News: “Jackson fits well with the Democratic Party and the progressive movement's agenda” and that “her labor-friendly rulings as a judge have drawn praise.”

· “Liberal advocacy organizations” pushed for Jackson to be on Biden’s list of Supreme Court nominees.

· Jackson is a Democrat partisan, having worked for Obama’s presidential campaign as a poll monitor and donated to Obama.

· Jackson is a registered Democrat, and her husband donated $1,600 to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.


· Jackson’s Rulings Favor The Left

· In just a few short years on the bench, Jackson repeatedly has ruled against conservative policies.

· Jackson blocked President Trump’s executive orders to hold failing federal employees accountable – a decision that the D.C. Circuit unanimously reversed.

· Jackson blocked the Trump administration from expanding its “Expedited Removal” program to deport illegal immigrants faster, absurdly saying that DHS did not consider the impact on illegal immigrants.

· A liberal immigration group even applauded Jackson because she refuses to use the term “alien” or “illegal” immigrant in her opinions.

· Jackson ruled in 2019 that former White House Counsel Don McGahn had to comply with a subpoena from Congressional Democrats, a decision an appeals judge wrongly gave power to “unelected judges.”  

· In 2015, Jackson ruled in favor of Hillary Clinton aide Phillipe Reines, shielding him from having to explain why he used a private email account for official work.

· Jackson has “a striking record of reversals” of her decisions by appeals courts.

Jackson Has A Record That Includes Defending Terrorists

· Jackson worked as a lawyer for several terrorists detained at Guantánamo Bay, including a Taliban intelligence officer who was likely a leader of a terrorist cell.

· Jackson’s advocacy for these terrorists was “zealous,” going beyond just giving them a competent defense.

· Despite Jackson’s claim that she did not get to choose her clients as a public defender, she continued to advocate for Guantanamo terrorists when she went into private practice.

· In 2001, Jackson was part of an amicus brief filed by several pro-abortion groups including NARAL in support of a “buffer zone” around abortion clinics that targeted the free speech rights of pro-life Americans.

Jackson’s Background Raises Serious Questions

· Jackson is affiliated with multiple groups that raise questions about her judgment and how she would rule on the Supreme Court.

· Jackson is a member of Harvard University’s Board of Overseers, which, if she were confirmed, would pose a conflict of interest in the highly contentious Harvard race-based admissions case.

· Jackson is a member of the Cosmos Club, a private D.C. club of the Washington elite.

Biden’s failing economy

· Inflation is now at a forty-year-high, Americans are struggling to afford basic necessities, and workers are seeing their wages fall , all because of Biden’s failed economic policies.

o The consumer price index spiked by 7.5% since January 2021 to a 40 year high, while wages haven’t kept up.

o Biden’s inflation tax is costing the average American family $385 per month.

o Key inflation indicators show higher prices are here to stay under Biden.

· Biden and Democrats continue to push for trillions more in wasteful spending. Biden is lying to the American people when he claims this nearly two trillion dollar spending spree will “lower inflationary pressures on the economy. ”

o Numerous economists have warned that more spending could lead to even higher inflationwhich will make life harder for poor and middle-class Americans.

o 373 economists signed on to a letter stating Biden’s economic agenda will “increase inflation, increase the federal debt, reduce the number of people working, badly misallocate capital, and hobble economic growth.”

· The February jobs report provides little consolation to the American families, workers, and small businesses struggling in the Biden economy.

o There are 2.1 million Americans who lost their job during the pandemic and have yet to get it back.

o Biden’s policies are creating a worker shortage at a time when many Americans are desperate to get back to work: 47% of small business owners reported job openings they could not fill – more than double the 48-year historical average.

o There are nearly 11 million job openings that businesses are struggling to fill– a near record high – even though there are 6.3 million unemployed Americans trying to find a job.

South Carolina General Assembly:

· Our election integrity bills have passed the S.C. House. We need the S.C. Senate to pass these bills before the primary. If the S.C. Senate does not pass these bills, election integrity reforms won’t get passed until at least 2023, probably 2024.

o Call your state senators and tell them to pass H. 3444 and H. 4919 quickly!

· Save Women’s Sports is also getting traction. Call your state representative and tell them to vote YES on H. 4608 to save women’s sports

· S. 935 is a strong school choice bill that would empower parents and children’s choices in the education system through Education Scholarship Accounts. Call your state senator and tell them to vote YES on S. 935

· S. 141 is the Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) Resolution. The federal government should have to balances its books just like our state government does, just like Americans do. Tell your state senator to vote YES on Balanced Budget Amendment


Ukraine picture of the day. Pray for them.

She should be in school but, instead, must be ready to protect her country.

PO Box 131

Prosperity, SC 29127

President Biden and VP Harris are both Post Turtles

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