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AUGUST 2022 - Chairman's Corner



The Morning GOP meeting had 20 people in attendance. Charm Altman explained the SCGOP has been having to hold protest hearings in Columbia. These protests were frivolous and carried out by people who are wanting to destroy the SCGOP. They call themselves “MySCGOP”.

The issues were improperly sworn in precinct workers, combined precincts, and incorrect ballots.

Every petition for Protest was voted down.

These people from “MySCGOP” will try anything to take over.

The August meeting will be on the 8th in the school building beside the Prosperity police station.


The Newberry GOP meeting was held on July 21 at the Depot in Prosperity. There were 45 people present even though it was very hot. Our speaker SC Treasurer Curtis Loftis was amazing.

SC Treasurer Curtis Loftis Staff is incredible. State only had one CPA when he came into office, now has 17. SC State is top rated among state treasuries. Mr. Loftis spoke about the unclaimed property program. The State government is moving right along with lots of money and they have not spent it all. Get your share for your county. Non-Profits, boggles his mind. 5000 501c nonprofits in South Carolina working on left wing projects. $500,000 a year is spent on Non-Profits, introducing wokeness thru nonprofits to young children with reading programs using critical race materials. If Republicans don’t stand up to the wokeness, and Marxism coming from the democrats and universities we will not be the USA in 5 years. Boards and Commission have 1000 vacancies. Call Curtis Loftis to apply for seat on board or commission. If interested go to SC state government web site and go to boards and commissions. Loftis working on a list of local business and banks for residents to use rather than large banks instituting woke policies like ESG Environment social governance and behavior and speech code. There will be a political credit score within 5 years.

Everyone was very fired up after Curtis spoke.

Our State EX Chad Connelly spoke about the protest hearing brought begore the SCGOP. There were so many and not one of them showed any evidence that the election should be overturned. Charm spoke about how the people from MYSCGOP are trying to infiltrate the party and undo all the hard work we have achieved over the years. The SCGOP Executive committee voted NO on all the protests.

Elected official who spoke were Joe white, Les Hipp Karl Sease and Mary Arrowood.

Charm spoke about the need for two committees. One to send letters to everyone in Newberry who voted in the June Primary. The second is to go into precincts and hold a meeting with the local people. We are working at the grassroot level. There are still people who say they didn’t know we had a Newberry Republican Party. This is how we correct that misconception.

On a personal note, Charm talked about the fact that she has some health problems and will be calling on members to take the lead from time to time.

Our August meeting will be held on Thursday August 18. Governor Henry McMaster will be our speaker. We will meet in the auditorium of the school beside the Prosperity police department. It will be much cooler.


The SCGOP Silver Elephant was held on Friday July 29 at the Columbia Convention Center. Newberry was well represented. Kathy Sims, Chad Connelly, Dana Connelly, Janice Likes, Pete Likes, Malary Grimsley and Travis Grimsley.

July 30. We were able to seat a full slate from Newberry County. The Convention dealt with Rules changes.

Those who attended were Chad Connelly, Janice Likes, Pete Likes, James Wimmer, Travis Grimsley, Kathy Sims, Allen Jenkins, and Marlene Spurgin. Thank you each for your service.


Welcome to the home of South Carolina's largest annual gathering of conservatives!

I'd like to invite you to attend our 11th Annual Faith & Freedom BBQ on Monday, August 22nd. There will be a pre-event reception starting at 5:15pm for hosts, sponsors, and those purchasing VIP ticket packages. Doors for the event will open at 4:30pm. For those of you who have been before, you know this is something you'll want to go ahead and mark on your calendar. The event will once again be held at the Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center (formerly Anderson Civic Center).

Our Special Guests will be announced soon.

As always tickets will go fast so either purchase them here or RSVP as soon as possible to If you have any questions, you're welcome to call Elliott Kelley at 864-688-9083.

You won't find another political event of this quality for this cost anywhere in the state. We can only have events like this with the help of people like you, so if you're interested in sponsoring, please contact us as well

If you are currently serving in military or veteran, the cost of your ticket is $1.00. Call a soon as possible to make sure you are there.


What is a Recession?

This week, we learned the U.S. has experienced two negative quarters of GDP growth — the historic definition of a recession. The Biden administration is attempting to redefine the term “recession” to convince Americans the economy is moving in a positive direction.

Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.), and I introduced a resolution to affirm the historic definition of the term. It is now more important than ever to address the issues hurting Americans, rather than twisting words to fit a partisan narrative to allow higher taxes and reckless spending.

Keeping Spending in Check

The federal government’s spending has grown drastically. In the past two years, Congress has passed five spending bills totaling over $3.4 trillion — including $10 billion for the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine public education campaign.

In an effort to provide oversight of this spending, Senator Richard Burr (R-N.C.), I, including other members from the House and the Senate, sent a letter to the U.S. Inspector General requesting an audit of how that $10 billion was spent. We must get back to stewarding Americans’ money responsibly.

Combating Crime

Murders, carjackings, and overdoses have dramatically increased since 2021—which marked the deadliest year for law enforcement since the September 11, 2001 attacks. Neighborhoods across the country are experiencing this spike in violent crimes. This should not be the standard.

I introduced the Combating Violent and Dangerous Crime Act with Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). This bill aims to provide commonsense fixes to criminal provisions to ensure prosecutors have tools and support to hold bad actors accountable for their actions.

Bolstering Telehealth for Vulnerable Americans

For many of our nation’s seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities, accessing federal technology and resources has been far too difficult. This is why Senator Bob Casey (D-Pa.) and I held a hearing on improving access to these crucial technologies for our nation’s vulnerable populations. South Carolina’s Ronald G. Holmquest, retired and U.S. Navy Veteran and patient at Ralph H. Johnson VA Health Center, testified on the care he has received in the Palmetto State.

PO Box 131

Prosperity, SC 29127

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