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November 2021 - Chairman's Corner



Oktoberfest was on the 2nd. We had a booth on Main Street, Newberry. The Democrats had the booth beside us. Our booth was always filled with workers and interested people. That was not the truth for the Democrats. Even though they gave away “stuff” they could not draw a crowd. It just goes to show that so many people are fed up with giveaways. They want a real government that lets them live their lives as they see fit.

We got over 100 signatures with emails. Such a great event. We plan to do more of these types of things. People want to hear what we have to say and want to be informed.


Our Morning GOP was well attended. We had 23 people. Our speaker was Foster Senn, Mayor of Newberry. He gave an update of what is happening in Newberry and what is planned for the near future. Newberry is growing and we will grow along with them.

Sen. Ronnie Cromer spoke about the work being done on redistricting. County Councilwoman Mary Arrowood spoke about the search for a new County Administrator as well as other items being worked on.

We are always glad to see our elected officials at our meetings.

Our speaker next month is Molly Fortune Chairman of the Newberry Opera House. November 8 at the same location.


Our South Carolina Republican Party Chairman, Drew McKissick was our speaker for the October monthly meeting. It was a challenge for the parking but we managed. Drew spoke about the upcoming elections and the advancements we have made to better serve the party.

Our next meeting will be November 18 with Secretary of State Mark Hammond as speaker. 7pm at The Depot in Prosperity.


There were 6 of us from Newberry who attended this event.

The speakers were Dr Corey DeAngelis and Ellen Weaver “Funding Students instead of Systems”.

National Security Panel with Former Ambassador Ed McMullen and Van Hipp, Jessica Vaughan Director of Policy Studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, Sen. Ricki Scott Chairman of National Republican Senatorial Committee, SC Lt Governor Pamela Evette, Congresswoman Kat Cammack, Robert Chalay, senior Strategist and Pollster of Trafalgar Group, Armstrong Williams R .

We had training sessions and discussion groups. There was so much networking and party building that it was a great opportunity to be with so many dedicated Republicans.

Sen Rick Scott

Armstrong Williams

Newberry Crew

Bob McEwen, Chad Connelly

Lt. Governor Pamela Evette

Sen. Tim Scott

Our Chairman, Drew McKissick

Tanking Poll Numbers for Joe Biden

  • Joe Biden’s policies are creating disaster at home and abroad – somehow, he has managed to botch every major challenge he has faced. The reality is getting clearer by the day: Biden is incapable of serving as Commander-in-Chief.

  • Biden’s reckless decisions and policies are to blame for:

    • Rising prices on groceries, homes, gas, energy and more;

    • A nationwide supply chain crisis;

    • An unprecedented catastrophe in Afghanistan;

    • The crisis at our southern border.

    • An unconstitutional federal attack on individual rights and privacy

  • Amid these crises, what are Joe Biden’s proposed solutions?

    • The largest tax increase in decades;

    • Trillions of dollars in new spending for the far-left’s pet projects;

    • Forcing more burdensome regulations on small businesses.

  • The American people are losing faith in Joe Biden’s leadership – they know he is a weak, failed leader:

    • 62% of Americans blame Biden’s policies for spiking inflation, a Politico/Morning Consult poll found.

    • Just 38% of voters said the country is “heading in the right direction.”

    • 70% of Americans say they’re facing increased hardship buying food, 67% are facing hardship buying gas, and 53% are facing hardship affording housing costs.

South Carolina Misc:

PO Box 131

Prosperity, SC 29127


Our evening meeting has moved back to the Prosperity Depot. 7pm

Thursday November 18

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