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December 2021 - Chairman's Corner



The Morning GOOP meeting was a great success. We had 25 people. The meeting room has turned out to be good for our purpose. We had two speakers. Mr. Michael Alfaro who spoke about his fundraising for President Trump. Our main speaker was Ms. Anne Smith from the Newberry Opera House. She spoke of the history of the building and how it has been utilized up through the years. Although the covid season kept many people away the Opera House is coming back quite nicely.

We talked about the Candidate Recruitment and Training Committee and how they are starting to work on vetting people to run. Alan Jenkins from Whitmire is the chairman of this committee. Philip Stanley is co-chair.

Tammy Johns gave an update on the social media where she will have oversight.

There will be no meeting in December. We voted to have a Christmas Party. It will be held at the Fairview Community Center on December 16. 7pm. No cost, simply bring your favorite dish to share.

The Newberry GOP Candidate Recruitment and Training Committee is hard at work talking to possible candidates. If you or anyone you know is interested, please let Alan Jenkins 803-940-0825 know. The Committee is meeting twice monthly to work on the detail.


Newberry GOP meeting was held on Thursday November 18 at the Depot in Prosperity. Our speaker was Secretary of State Mark Hammond. There were 54 present.

Everyone seems to enjoy the Old Depot. The acoustics are so much better.

It was great having Les Hipp with us. It is always a plus when the whole Rep. Rick Martin family comes out.

Alan Jenkins spoke about the Committee for Recruitment and Training of Candidates. We are actively searching for people who are interested in serving the community. Talk to your friends and neighbors about how they can become more involved in the governing of our County and Schools.

Charm talked about having hats and flags for sell. She has a supplier who is local, and we can make a few dollars and have a laugh at the same time.. They are TRUMP 2024 hats and flags plus some “Let’s Go Brandon” stuff.

Newberry GOP website and social media:





All are Newberry GOP - these are the official sites and addresses.


The Red Wave is Coming

  • South Carolina Republicans had our most winningest cycle in 2020

  • In the 2021 local elections, Republicans in South Carolina continued to make history

  • From the Upstate, to the Lowcountry, to every corner of the state in between, Republicans won BIG

    • And in many seats, for the first time

  • · The City of Georgetown is the third oldest city in South Carolina, founded in 1729

    • It’s never had Republican leadership­­–until now

    • For the first time ever, Georgetown voters elected their first Republican mayor (who’s also the first female mayor) and flipped three city council seats to gain the majority of the council

  • In Columbia, S.C. the mayor’s race went into a runoff

    • This was a nonpartisan race, but the Democrat candidate was endorsed by Jaime Harrison and the DNC and former President Barack Obama

    • They both made calls and text messages to voters on her behalf

    • Republican Daniel Rickenmann beat the Democrat machine, in a city that elected Joe Biden by huge margins, because he focused on common sense, real issues–not emotion and Democrats’ radical agenda

  • It’s clear–voters are tired of Democrat control

  • South Carolina Republican momentum is stronger than ever, and we look forward to bringing the Red Wave into 2022 and beyond

Democrats' Build Back Broke Agenda

· Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Democrats’ Build Back Broke agenda will pump trillions of dollars of wasteful spending into the economy.

· At a time when Americans are paying more for nearly everything, Democrats rammed through a bill that will worsen inflation, raise taxes, and add hundreds of billions to our national debt.

· Here’s what House Democrats’ voted for last week:

o Hundreds of billions in additional debt

o Weaker families and parents and a more powerful swamp

o Higher taxes for businesses

o Lower economic growth

o An open borders agenda that empowers criminals and cartelsMoney for illegal immigrants

o A tax on the energy Americans need to heat their homes

· Democrats blocked commonsense amendments from making the cut, including:

o Preventing religious discrimination

o Providing parents more choice in child care

o Stopping money from going to the Chinese Communist Party

· Next November, voters will remember Democrats' lies and reckless tax-and-spend agenda - they'll send Republican leaders to Congress to fight for them.

· Every Republican Congressman from South Carolina voted against this bill

More Wasteful Spending and More Inflation

· Biden’s economic policies are failing, and the American people know it.

· Last October, Biden promised Americans they would “see your standard of living go up and your costs go down” under his administration.

o Today, it’s clear Biden broke his promise: inflation is skyrocketing, real wages are dropping, and the supply chain is in tatters ahead of the holiday season.

o Millions of Americans are now facing Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates which will affect the more than 100 million workers.

· Americans are facing a historic labor shortage and October’s jobs reports showed there are still 7.4 million unemployed workers, 1.7 million more than when the pandemic began.

· They’ve gone from “inflation doesn’t exist” to “it’s transitory” to “it’s a high-class problem” and now to “it’s Republicans’ fault.” The American people see through their gaslighting.

o Consumer prices rose by 6.2% in October compared to last year, the largest annual increase in 30 years.

o Producer prices have risen 8.6% since last October, the seventh month in a row it increased at the highest pace on record.

· Biden can’t get his story straight on his spending plan’s questionable math – estimates from the CBO indicate his bill’s revenue raisers miss the mark by hundreds of billions of dollars.

o First, Biden and his team absurdly claimed his spending plan would cost $0. Now they’re misleading on how much their plan costs and overstating how much revenue they will raise.

· A new Morning Consult poll shows 62% of voters hold Biden’s policies as “responsible” for inflation, and according to a Harvard-Harris poll, 58% oppose his "Build Back Broke" agenda with 56% saying it will make inflation even worse.

Biden Refuses To Stand Up To China

· Joe Biden’s failing presidency is weakening the United States on the world stage and is empowering China to expand their influence.

· In less than one year. Biden has broken his promises and at nearly every turn has failed to stand up to China.

· Failed leader Joe Biden:

o Promised to hold communist China accountable for obstructing the investigation into COVID-19.

§ Months after Biden’s intelligence report found that China was doing just that, he’s done nothing.

o Pledged to stand up for human rights.

§ Instead, he downplayed China’s horrendous human rights record as “different norms,” and has gone out of his way to not criticize Chinese President Xi Jinping.

o Promised to confront Chinese military and technological threats.

§ His administration is buying Chinese drones instead.

o Did not respond with sanctions or diplomatic expulsions after China carried out a malicious cyberattack on Microsoft.

o Revoked President Trump’s attempted ban on Chinese-owned apps like TikTok and WeChat, despite the Chinese government’s ability to access Americans’ personal information through these apps.

· President Biden should ask Chinese President Xi some critical questions:

o What do you know about the Wuhan lab and the origins of COVID-19?

o Will you cease your human rights abuses in Hong Kong and Xingang?

o Will you respect Taiwan’s independence?

· Biden has stated: “China is not our enemy,” “a rising China is a positive development ” for the U.S, and that they’re “not bad folks.”

· Biden is placing his radical climate change agenda above human rights, U.S. energy independence, and U.S. national security.

o John Kerry has also downplayed China’s use of slave labor camps – maybe it’s because he holds an over $1 million stake in an equity fund with links to Chinese slave labor.

· Biden has enabled China to grow its influence, threaten American security, undermine the rules-based international order, and carry out human rights atrocities – his failures are an unacceptable breech of his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief.

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Prosperity, SC 29127

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