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JULY 2022 - Chairman's Corner


JULY 2022

What an exciting Primary. We had three people running for House District 40. Rep. Rick Martin, Tammy Johns and Joe White. All three were amazing candidates. They worked hard and put everything on the line. After the Primary Tammy Johns and Joe White were in a run-off. Again, hard work and campaigning like there was “no tomorrow. It turned out that Joe White is the winner. Congratulations.

There were many statewide challenges. Governor McMaster won. Sec. of State Mark Hammond won, State Treasurer Curtis Loftis won, Atty General Alan Wilson won, Comptroller Richard Eckstrom won. Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers won.

In the Superintendent of Education race there were 7 candidates. We came up with a runoff between Kathy Maness and Ellen Weaver with the winner being Ellen Weaver.

In our County Council race for District 3 we had Karl Sease and John Shell. This is the first campaign for both. Karl Won. Well done.

Now that the Primary and runoffs are over, we can take a short breath and gear up for the General Election in the fall.


At the June Morning meeting we heard from Dr. Kizzy Gibson who is running for State Superintendent of Education.She is one of six candidates.We also heard from Rep. Rick Martin, Tammy Johns and Karl Sease who are running for office. With the Primary vote the next day these candidates certainly made some headway towards their goals. We are having really good crowds attend.

Our Morning GOP meeting will be held on July 11. We meet at the School beside the Police department in Prosperity. 10:30


The Newberry GOP met on June 16. It was an interesting meeting since we have a runoff between Joe White and Tammy Johns for the House District 40 seat. The were given time to answer all questions.

We are holding at 50-65 people each month.

Our July meeting will be held on the 21st at the Depot. If the heat continues and we can not get the room cooler, we will have to move to another location. Watch for updates if that is the case.



Primary Protests:

· ON Thursday 24th South Carolina Republican Party held hearings for four different primary protests (Governor’s race, Attorney General’s race, State House District 43, and State House District 81). The State Executive Committee voted to deny each primary protest. See here for the full statement regarding the hearings

Roe v. Wade:

· Early Friday morning June 24TH, the U.S. Supreme Court released its opinion overturning Roe v. Wade!

· This decision is further proof that elections have consequences. Who we elect as President matters

o Judicial nominations matter

· This decision returns the power back to the states

o Further proves why we need strong pro-life Republicans in the General Assembly and everything else

· Joe Cunningham, and Democrats running against Tim Scott and the rest of our Republican ticket, have already released statements and promises vowing to protect abortions in South Carolina

· Governor McMaster and Alan Wilson have filed motions to lift the stay on the Heartbeat Bill, essentially setting the Heartbeat Bill into effect again in South Carolina

· Speaker Murrell Smith formed a committee when the draft opinion was leaked

o He said today they’ll start having testimony in the next few weeks

Gas Prices:

· This week, the national average price for regular-grade gas reached yet another record high: $5.01/gal.

o The national average price for diesel also reached a new record high: $5.79/gal.

· Under Biden, gas prices have reached record highs in all 50 states.

· Biden’s Gas Hike is the direct consequence of Biden’s disastrous anti-American energy policies. Just to name a few:

§ Biden also reinstated Obama-era energy regulations and began the process of rolling back Trump-era regulations.

o Biden started fulfilling his promise to “sacrifice” hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs in pursuit of a “greener economy” by cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline. This move alone killed 11,000 jobs.

o Biden signed an executive order to “eliminate fossil fuel subsidies.”

o The Biden administration has repeatedly suspended or halted oil and gas leases on federal lands, cutting off more potential U.S. oil and gas production.

· As Biden and Democrats are waging war on American energy production, they’re begging foreign nations to increase oil production – Biden’s weakening of domestic energy production harms our national security.

· As Americans face higher prices for gas, they are being forced to cut back on summer activities. 70% of Americans said their summer travel plans have been impacted by historic gas prices – a 24% increase since last year.

· Biden’s Gas Hike is made even more painful by the Bidenflation hitting all sectors of the economy, forcing Americans to pay far more for the everyday necessities they need.

o Bidenflation cost the average household $635 last month, and is projected to cost a whopping $7,620 over the next 12 months.

o May’s Consumer Price Index surged by 8.6% compared to last year – a 40-year high.

o April’s Producer Price Index rose by nearly 11% since last year, just shy of the highest increase on record.


Now that the Primary is over, if you see Republican signs on the roadways, please pick them up and bring to the monthly meeting. They are expensive and the candidates will want them back. Do not touch the Democrat signs.

We have some team building ahead.We have talked about having some meetings in different areas of the county.There is a group working on this idea.If you want to be involved let Charm know.This will be a big undertaking but in many ways the grassroots we talk about.

Yes, it’s that hot!!!!!!!!

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