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MAY 2022 - Chairman's Corner


May 2022

Well, April has been quite a different month. Our Morning GOP meeting had Kathy Maness who is running for SC Superintendent of Education as our speaker. There was a lively discussion. Everyone was heard and responded to. We had 27 people. The number is staying strong.


Filing for candidates was certified on April 12. We have three candidates for House seat 40. Rep. Rick Martin, Tammy Johns and Joe White. You will have an opportunity to hear from each of them at meeting. We have two candidates for County Council district 3. Karl Sease and John Shell. Again, they will be at meetings for you to hear.

The Primary is June 14. Find a candidate you support and work for them. The county party will be calling on everyone to help with get out the vote.

Along with these candidates we have Governor, Lt. Governor, Sec. of State, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Commissioner of Agriculture, Superintendent of Education and of course US Senator Tim Scott and Cong. Jeff Duncan.

There will be ample ways for you to help.

You can go to to get a full list of everyone across the state who is running for office.


Our April Republican Party meeting had an unusual twist. Chairman Charm Altman, Vice Chairman Janice Like and Pete Likes had a family emergency and were unable to attend. Charm passed to job of Chairing the meeting to Alan Jenkins. Alan did a great job. We had Brenda Fulmer one of the Election Commissioners talk about poll working. She got 8 names who are interested, we need more. Candidate for Supt. Of Education Kathy Maness spoke about her plans for the state. Our house candidates Re. Rick Martin and Tammy Johns spoke briefly. Both the County Council candidates spoke. This is our first-time hearing from them, and they made a good impression. Sen Ronnie Cromer gave an update on legislation in Columbia

There were 47 people in attendance with several new people. We continue to grow in number and dedication.

The biggest Thank You of all goes to Alan Jenkins who found out at 4:30 that he had to chair the meeting. Great work everybody.

We have been tasked to have a debate with the candidates for House Seat 40. There will be a Town Hall Debate in Chapin (Chapin now has three precincts in our House district). It will be Saturday May 14 from 4-6pm in the Old Barn Venue located at 843 Old Lexington Hwy, Chapin 29036. Although it is in Chapin everyone who wants to hear from the candidates are invited to attend.

In Newberry County we will have a Debate at the Fairview Community Center on Macedonia Church Road, Prosperity May 27. We will serve supper from 5:00 to 6:45. The Debate will be at 7pm.

The supper is provided free by the Newberry Republican Party as a contribution to the three candidates. There is limited seating so you must RSVP to Donna Wimmer 803-361-0978 asap. It is truly first come first served.

We will have Andrew Wigger from the Newberry Observer as narrator.


There is still time to save the bill but this is top priority because there isn’t much time left–only 9 days left to save it before the end of the legislative session! If y’all have a Democrat senator and your members would prefer to contact a Republican senator, tell them to contact Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey.

Election Integrity Bill H.4919:

· This bill addresses the absentee voting process and includes several common sense election integrity reforms

o Banning drop boxes

o Trimming the list of excuses for mail-in absentee ballots

o Requiring the voter's last four digits of their Social Security Number on a mail-in absentee ballot

o Preventing ballot harvesting

o Requiring all counties to conduct elations the same way

· We’ve been trying to get the reforms in this bill passed for well over a year

· The state senate added a poison pill amendment to the bill, that may end up trashing the entire thing

o The amendment is “poison” because the House and Governor don’t agree with it. In order for the bill to become law, the state senate, the state house, and the Governor have to be on the same page

o The state senate has known for over a year this amendment, regarding the structure of the State Election Commission, was a non-starter for the S.C. House and Governor but put it in anyway

· The SCGOP was at the statehouse working to find a solution that the Governor, S.C. Senate, and S.C. House agreed with to save the bill

o We found a compromise and some senators drafted an amendment for it

· Essentially, the state senate refused to compromise on the 5% people disagree about to save the 95% of the bill that everyone agrees with

o They’re throwing out the baby with the bathwater and gambling with the security of our elections

· We need the state senate to find a compromise with the S.C. House and Governor to SAVE this bill

· People all across South Carolina have been asking for this legislation since 2020. It’s time to get it passed–before the upcoming 2022 elections


Janice Likes has been trying since February to get the candidates for South Carolina Secretary of Education to book speaking engagements. So far we have only had Kathy Maness to speak. Since wea re unable to get them to Newberry before the Primary. We are traveling to Union County to work with their Republican Party and hear the candidates.

Anyone interested in attending this event let Janice know (864-415-7119) or Charm (803-497-5359).

PO Box 131

Prosperity, SC 29127

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