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May 9, 2022 - Meeting Minutes


The meeting was brought to order by Charm Altman at 10:28 am with 24 in attendance.

Prayer by Charm Altman

Pledge of Allegiance by James Wimmer

Republican Creed by Charm Altman

Chairman's Report

Treasurers report from James Wimmer. Mr. Wimmer stated bank balance is $9000 plus.

Speaker: Derek Underwood, Prosperity Mayor

Prosperity elections are non partisan. The Mayor is a republican who believes in Home Rule. Prosperity has own budget, police dept., utilities

Derek said it takes a special person to run for office. It's a 24/7 job.

His fulltime job is with the Agriculture commission.

What makes Prosperity unique is that they provide all the utility for the residents, generating income for the town. This pays the bills for the town including recreation dept. and police dept

The town relies also on county and state funds. The town has requested funds this year from Capital project tax for a new water tower.

The town buys water from NCW&S after DHEC shut down city well. They have also moved from Duke Power for electricity to Newberry Electric Coop.

The county council currently has parks improvement on the agenda.

Covid relief funds were used to upgrade the utility dept to control water and electricity remotely.

The new electronic speed limit signs were installed to slow traffic down and also track data. 100,000 cars on 76 in one month.

The Mayor stated that the City Council works as team

Derek stated he will not running again. He has 4 more years in this term.

With power coming from NEC residents now have Carolina Connect internet available.

Wesley Palmore, Police Chief Prosperity

Mr. Palmore has been Chief for 3 years, lives in Prosperity, a Military Veteran and former Newberry County deputy and supervisor.

Police dept. has created officer of the year award improve moral amount officers.

Biggest issue in Prosperity is speeding and traffic. There are 3 Traffic sign warnings before you get to town limit.

The town now have 6 officers.

Officers patrol town, traffic control during balls games and other events when population grows exponentially.

The goal is to keep the town safe.

Charm Altman introduced the following candidates running for office this year.

Joe White is running for District 40 Representative seat and asked for support.

Tammy Johns is running for District 40 Rep seat and asked for your vote.

Senator Ronnie Cromer updated on State House. Things are Fast and Furious at the state house. This is the last week of regular session. They will convene again after primary for 2 weeks in June.

There was a question from Ms. Darby regarding election integrity.

Ronnie is working to get the house representatives to vote on amended bill before session ends.

Amendment was added by senate that anyone who is appointed by governor on election commission that senate gives advice and consent. This is the checks and balances in the rules of the election commission.

The bill will be dead if house does not take it up again.

Laura Kneece, Coroner reported she is finishing her budget for 2022-23. Current number of deaths this year is at 200 in the county. Laura said they are seeing an increase in opoid deaths.

She has requested new building for a morgue. She has again requested another deputy coroner.

Charm spoke about Janice and Pete Likes daughter's death and how well Laura Kneece handled it.

Marlene announced that minutes are being sent to paid members. If you are not getting them, please give her your email address.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am by Charm Altman


Last day to register to Vote: May 13, 2022

House Seat 40 Candidate Debate, May 14th from 4pm – 6 pm at the Old Barn Venue,

843 Old Lexington Hwy

Newberry Republican Meeting May 19th, 7:00 pm at The Prosperity Depot

House District 40 Candidate Debate May 27, 5:00 Supper served with RSVP Debate 7:00 pm

at Fairview Community Center

Marlene Spurgin


Charm Altman

Party Chairman

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