October 2021 - Chairman's Corner



We had great success in our September meetings in the new locations. We actually had air conditioning!!!!! Finding a new place is always difficult due to so many factors but maybe we can continue here for a while.

Our Morning GOP meeting was well attended we had 17 people. Our speaker was Mitch Prosser with the Palmetto Family Council.

The next meeting will be October 11 at 10:30. The Newberry Museum will be presented.


The Newberry Republican Party meeting was held in the auditorium. We had 35 people. Our speaker for the night was Tibi Czentye. He spoke about his life under Communism. .

We are in for a real treat in October. Our SC GOP Chairman Drew McKissick will be our speaker on October 21.


Our goal, now, is to look for candidates for the County Council and School Board. If you or anyone you know has registered concern about how things are happening in Newberry; we need to get started. There will be 3 Council seats coming up for election and seats for School Board. The work starts NOW. Talk to your friends, pray about these offices. This is where grassroots work comes in to play. It’s one thing to sit back and criticize what is going on but it is altogether something else to put your name on the line.

We are forming a committee to recruit and train people to run for these offices. Our SCGOP will help with the training. Alan Jenkins will head up the Committee.

1) Develop a team/committee to concentrate on this effort. The committee men and representative of these precincts would be essential along with some to research these individuals and recruit replacement candidates.

2) Developing a social media team to inform local voters on what is taking place by their representative on their respective boards.

3) Hold meetings in the voting precincts of these individuals, inviting the BOE member to interact with their voters.


September 2 Cong. Ralph Norman held a Town Hall meting at the Newberry Electric Co-op. He spoke about Afghanistan, the disgrace of President Biden and his cabinet, the Border Wall and many other topics. He answered all questions. It is hard for people to attend the noon meetings and yet we had 42 attends.


Sept 11 the SCGOP Executive Committee met. Report from EX. Com. Chad Connelly.

Chairman Drew McKissick gave updated report on how well the SC GOP did last in last fall’s elections. He also reported that the SCGOP has exceeded the goal of 1000 Silver Elephant members who donate to the party each month and year.

Drew informed us of his plan to hold a 1st in the South Republican Action Conference in Myrtle Beach on Halloween weekend. There will be national speakers and it will have a CPAC-type format. Details will be released to Exec committee members this week and Silver Elephant club members this week.

2021 Goals for SC GOP—some are already achieved

1. We doubled our reorganization turnout this spring.

2. We created and are promoting new auxiliary clubs in various counties to increase involvement.

3. We achieved the buy-in from stakeholders for the Victory Campaign template we used in 2020.

4. We will train over 500 new activists this year, many coming from Young Republicans or Teenage Republican ranks.

5. Hold the 1st in the South Republican conference in MYB.

Drew met with Rep. Brandon Newton, also the State Executive Committeeman from Lancaster County to discuss our election reform suggestions for the General Assembly to consider in the coming session.

Since SC and the SCGOP had already won at the Supreme Court last year about ballot signature verification, our state was already far ahead of many other states and did not experience the type of fraud that many other states saw.

We need to stay focused on our mission with the 2022 elections around the corner.

Hope Walker gave the Executive Director’s report. Hope has been with the SCGOP for 10 years now and is well known and highly regarded in other state GOP offices too.

She also reported that Election audits had already been done statewide in random county precincts to verify the 2020 election. The State election commission full report is forthcoming.

We had the chance to meet 3 young SC GOP leaders who are working to recruit youth, CR’s and TAR’s across our state to continue to keep our party strong and moving forward.

Mark Bonnoit gave the Political Director’s report and handed out the targeted races by county. Newberry County has 3 Newberry County council seats: District 3, 6, and 7 and the probate judge seat that are up for election. We are actively recruiting to put Republicans in those seats.

The interesting stat he gave was this one about straight ticket voting.

Democrat Republican

2018 Straight ticket votes: 44.64% 53.51%

2020 Straight ticket votes: 42.73% 56.77%

This is significant in that our county continues to trend MORE Republican…people are fed up with government overreach and intrusion, high taxes and govt mandates and are coming our way! For those of us who have worked in Newberry County politics for 20+ years, this is almost a COMPLETE reversal from a short time ago.

The SC GOP team will announce the 2022 House Targets out as soon as the re-districting work is finalized.

Mark let the EC know that candidate recruitment is needed all over the state and it is our responsibility to help them out. We know the local situation and the candidates better than the state folks do, so they want our help!

Claire Brady—our Communications director and newly married, gave the Communications report. She reiterated our SC GOP mission statement: “Promote and rally people around our platform and elect Republicans who will support it.”

She asked us to keep that goal in mind in our messaging and to be smart with what we post—we have to stay focused on a message to get it through the noise of the media and the world!

Message repetition = message penetration

Mark Bonnoit also asked for counties in the midlands to reserve a day to work the SC GOP booth at the State Fair coming up from October 13-24.

Our National Committeewoman, Cindy Costa, was not in attendance since her brother has been put under hospice care. Please keep Cindy and her whole family in your prayers.

Our National Committeeman, Glenn McCall, gave his report and an update from the RNC. He reported that the last RNC Meeting was likely the most unifying of any RNC meeting he’s attended in his time as NCM and that everyone is totally focused on winning in ’22.

He teased a report that a friendly Big Tech platform we could rely on was coming in the not-too-distant future.

Glenn also gave the Budget report which was approved by the EC. Resolutions Chair Terry Hardesty of Berkeley County gave the resolutions report which included a letter to Sen Lindsey Graham inviting him to the SC GOP EC meeting to discuss Senate work under the Biden Administration.


NEWBERRY Republican Party will have a booth at the Newberry Oktoberfest. It will be October2 from10-6. We will be able to inform people about our Party and Register Voters. We will be looking for volunteers

There was some mix-up about the meeting location in September.

It is the old School beside the Police department in Prosperity. You can turn on Brown Street beside the Post office and the school will be a little way on the right. There is a playground there. Or; you can turn on the second road from the Post office and the School and Police department is right there.

I hope this helps!!!!

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